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Quickie Classes - $25 Single Session Classes

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$25 Quickie Classes - 1 Hour Long Each

$25 Quickie Classes are single-session classes, not a series. These classes are great for both new students and experienced students looking to brush up on a specific skill.

Each class is one hour long. $25 Quickie Classes are all included in our Training for Life program.

We currently offer 10 different Quickie Classes, including:

  • Door Manners
    • Does your dog enjoy a good game of chase when they escape out of the front door? Learn how to teach your dog door manners.
  • Fido Fetch
    • Not all dogs are born retrievers. Most need to learn how to fetch! Teaching fetch is a valuable tool for off-leash training.
  • Focused Attention
    • Learn how to get attention on cue, even with distractions.
  • Got Stay?
    • Mastered sit and/or down but can't stay? With this fun class, even the most exuberant dog can learn to hold a stay.
  • Happy Feet
    • We'll teach you how to properly trim your dog's nails and how to desensitize your dog to nail trims.
  • Musical Freestyle
    • Musical Freestyle is a modern dog sport and is a mixture of obedience training, tricks, and dance.
  • Puzzle Time
    • Learn about all of the different types of dog puzzles and engage your dog's mind!
  • Rally Obedience
    • Rally Obedience is a sport where you and your dog navigate a course together as a team, side by side.
  • Really Reliable Recall
    • Learn how to train your dog to come to you reliably every time! 
  • Street Smarts
    • Make your walks more enjoyable by doing some leash training.
  • Nose Work
    • Inspired by working detection dogs, Nose Work is the fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs and people!

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