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Bubble Bath: Under 15 Pounds

Price: $30.00


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Does your dog have a long or double coat? (Breed Examples: Collies, Shepherds, Huskies, Retrievers, Pomeranians, etc)*

Our luxurious bathing services are only available in conjunction with a day of daycare or boarding.

After some serious play in the morning, your dog will be bathed in a state-of-the-art bathtub. We use warm water and gentle herbal shampoo and conditioner.

All bubble baths include ear cleaning, nail trimming, a hand blow-dry, and a thorough brush out.

After the bath, your dog can either go back out to daycare to join the rest of his or her friends or stay inside our kennel room until pick up in order to ensure ultimate cleanliness.

A final spritz of cologne will be given right before they go home.

If your dog is boarding, we highly recommend scheduling a bath in order to get a clean, snuggly dog back home!

Prices for bathing vary by dog, but general pricing guidelines are:

An additional fee of $10 will be added to all dogs with long or double coats

Sorry, no hair clipping services are available.

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