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Puppy Classes: Package of 4 Classes + 1 In-Home Private Lesson

Price: $249.00
We've been raising and training puppies since 1999 - we've seen it all! Let us help you instill basic manners, behaviors, and cues from the beginning. Learn how to tackle problems even before they start!

Puppy Group Classes are for puppies 8 weeks to 5 months who have had at least one series of vaccines, a clean fecal test, and have been in your home for at least 7 days. Classes are always drop in - start at anytime!

REQUIREMENTS: We require that your puppy has been in your home for at least seven days and has up-to-date vaccinations, including the Bordetella vaccination and the Distemper/Parvo (often abbreviated as DHPP) vaccination, as well as a clean fecal test result. Lastly, we require a training contract on file.

We recommend stopping by our main daycare center 15-20 minutes before your first puppy class to submit this necessary information.

We introduce basic behaviors like come to your name, sit and stay. We encourage healthy play and bite inhibition. Class provides early socialization with people and other dogs. Learn grooming, handling, & relaxation techniques. Puppy play time offered at the end of every puppy class!

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